Workflow & Process

How we get things done, be it by organizing our own tasks or via tools that accelerate our workflow.

  • Seek out Opportunities to Mentor
    [Workflow & Process] Mentoring others can be incredibly valuable experience and so opportunities to mentor should be sought out.
  • My strategies for idea generation through writing
    [Workflow & Process] This guide aims to outline my strategies to encourage idea generation, essential for long-term research progress, through a habit of regular writing.
  • Write code and tests in tandem
    [Workflow & Process] Even research code benefits greatly from automated testing. My approach to getting started: if you need to write additional code to verify that some functionality is working, that additional code should be written as a test.
  • Underpromise and overdeliver to your future self
    [Workflow & Process] I’ve started to think of expectation management as a part of self-care, and I try to think of myself as an other. As such, I try to underpromise and overdeliver to my future self.
  • Action items should have well-defined end conditions
    [Workflow & Process] I try to make sure that my tasks are both easy to start making progress towards and have clear completion criteria, essential criteria for making sure they get done.
  • Accelerating team research with containers
    [Workflow & Process] All code in my research group is run exclusively inside Docker containers, helping us develop more quickly and share code with ease.